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The past meets the present.

Hey groovers and movers Thanks for dropping by, can you do me a favor put this down go boil the jug grab your favorite mug make yourself a cuppa and then come back to me, ok ..ready, go. Ok now…

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2832 4256 Cherie Morton

Time – time – time

Oh time how I miss you! Time its a pretty essential part of photography, you need it, you use it you shoot with it. Not only do you need light to capture an image, you need time. Light and time…

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Port Macquarie Photography | Flora & Fauna Photo
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Something as simple as a flower.

Don’t you think its funny how something that is seen as a “simple flower” is really an amazing piece of construction (for want of a better word). While taking images on the weekend, a flower that just appeared in front…

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It Starts ..Again!

Picking a font — arrghhh, the choices … Onto the subject at hand ..a web page ..well that wasn’t what I had planned this morning when I woke up, scanning old 35mm negatives from my past was what i had…

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