The past meets the present.

The past meets the present.

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Hey groovers and movers

Thanks for dropping by, can you do me a favor put this down go boil the jug grab your favorite mug make yourself a cuppa and then come back to me, ok ..ready, go.

Ok now we are ready I am currently not writing this blog but rather I am sitting out on my front deck watching the afternoon light as it flickers through trees and bushes, I am watching the way the light is throwing a shadow it’s mesmerizing and it’s little moments like this that I recall as a young girl that inspired me to want to take a photo, I want other people to see the moment feel the moment.

Watching the light floats my boat, it tickles my senses, it wakes something up inside me, it excites me.

So Iv gone on a different path getting sidetracked by the light, I was about to explain that I’m not writing this but rather speaking it, I have my tablet and I have my son’s gaming headphones that have a microphone built-in and I am genuinely sitting here and watching the light I can see the sun shining through large leaves, their veins creating shadows by the light shining through them I can see weak patches it must be where the leaf is slowly dying and again I want to capture that, I want to share that, I want others to notice that.

Port Macquarie Photography | Flora & Fauna Photo

Port Macquarie Photography | Flora & Fauna Photo

I think that’s one reason why restoring old photos and negatives is so exciting and rewarding for me because at some point that moment was worthy of taking note of,  a moment noticed, a moment captured, a moment shared and every time I get to bring that back to life or convert that from a hard copy negative that most can’t really look at into current day digital form that people can share the love, it’s such a buzz, it’s something really special I get to help people remember a moment or see a moment, don’t you think that’s really cool I do.

Some of my most treasured photography jobs have been capturing actual moments I was never a fan of posed wedding photography I just loved capturing the actual moments as they happened, that little sideways look the moment the groom seen the bride, when a flower girl got shy and hid behind her mum is skirt, all that moment a groomsman popped a bottle of champagne and made the girls scream and then laugh it was those moments that I treasured been able to capture, because one day what time someone is going to look at those and feel just as excited as I do now when I get to scan and restore a moment from 50 years ago, now that is seriously cool and I mean seriously amazingly cool.

The image below is part of a local families large collection that they are having digitized so that all the members of the family can get a copy between about 8 siblings and then all their children and grand children, this is a really special image from their families heritage, I love being a part of that.

Below is a link to a little live video I did on Facebook, talking restorations and scanning if you wanted to have a little bo peep.

“Cool” its a word I use alot, you would agree yes!  I am not a wordsmith and am far from being an academic I never did well at school, I was quite possibly dyslexic and due to suffering multiple traumas during my childhood and teenage years I have a really crap memory.

That’s another reason why I like to take photos because they help me remember a moment, each moment becoming a Treasure of life, memories of a Moment in Time they become my diary, a visual journal you might say, they all mean a lot to me even the photos that I take on my phone, they are all special because they were a moment that was worthy of lifting my camera so it stands to reason that if I have taken a photo of you, you can be assured I think you’re worthy of being remembered in that moment.

You can also rest assured that if you bring me your memories, your visual treasures that I truly 100% respect and honour the moments that you are trusting in my hands, in my scanner, in my computer and in the moments and the time it will take me to bring those memories back to life.

Well your cuppa should be finished, mine has gone cold because I have been talking but that’s ok, it’s been nice chatting, it’s been nice watching the light with you and I look forward to sharing a moment with you again soon. Bye for now.

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  • Such an awesome job that you have, can it even be classified as a job?? I am still absolutely in love with your massive sunrise image that I have on my wall at home, something I’ll treasure for ever & pass on to my child.
    Keep up the awesome “work”!
    Mel B

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