Time – time – time

Time – time – time

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Oh time how I miss you!

Time its a pretty essential part of photography, you need it, you use it you shoot with it. Not only do you need light to capture an image, you need time. Light and time greatly effect each other, the more light you have the less time you need and ironically the less light you have the more time you need.

I was chatting with a lovely couple who are getting married soon and I have the wonderful privilege of capturing their wedding moments. We needed to confirm the time of the sunset, to make sure the time of the service would allow enough time for the afternoon tea before taking photos…with enough time before the sun set ..ooohh time!

I have actually had time today to do some brain storming, I love brain storming….that moment your brain kicks in with creativity….oh so many ideas, hope there is enough time to follow through with these amazing idea’s that iv had time to think of…ohhh time!

Time ..you need it, you use it and you shoot with it! Make the most of your time today! 🙂


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