It Starts ..Again!

It Starts ..Again!

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Picking a font — arrghhh, the choices …

Onto the subject at hand ..a web page ..well that wasn’t what I had planned this morning when I woke up, scanning old 35mm negatives from my past was what i had planned when waking up today ..who knew that by lunch time I would have a website!

But as life goes, a spanner was thrown into the works when the scanner wouldn’t get game plan change ..make a website with recent images, do you think someone is trying to tell me something?

After spending many hours talking with the wonderful man (not my son or father ..the other one) in my life I came to a conclusion ..would you like me to share it with you? Ok..are you sure? Ok here it is!

(Please note – I believe I may have been on the PC for to long at this point as I just found myself talking and pointing at the computer ..and waiting for an answer …may be time for some fresh air and a walk very soon)

Our past is our past, we can not only learn from our mistakes, but we can also learn from the achievements of our past. So while dwelling on our past is bad, living in our past is also not good, letting the negatives of our past effect our present day positives is also a bad situation ..but ..yes there is a but. We can revisit our past to remind ourselves of the lessons learnt, to remember how to appreciate the good things we now have and to use the past positives,achievements and lessons to motivate us into our future.

An old faded picture of myself as a wee lass!

Life sometimes take us off track and sometimes we need to back track to a certain point, look at the map again and then get back to that point we took a wrong turn and then make the right turn, maybe with a few extra bundles in the pack, a few extra greys (oh dear did i mention grey hair..really) and a little extra wisdom but how good is it looking at the wonderful view while this time watching your step and not falling off the cliff.

What does all this have to do with my change of plans today? Well I was going to head back to my past for a little motivation for my current time, but I needed a little preparation for my future first. I was going to dwell in my past with no real purpose, now there is purpose..

I wonder if revisiting my once spotless home will make my waiting housework seem more interesting and exciting also!

Thanks for popping by, next time Il put the kettle on for a cuppa and we can have a good old chat.

Morty (aka Cherie)

Have major concern …there is no spell check..lesson..type up in word first then copy and paste 😉

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